Pikes Peak Volleyball Club
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Regular practices all through January
6:30 - 8:30pm at CMJHS


Director's Corner

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15 Elite team wins Colorado Crossroads!
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PLAY SCHEDULES (in a 4-team pool):
1 seed:  Play, Ref, Play, Ref, Off, Play - Crossover
2 seed:  Ref, Play, Off, Play, Ref, Play - Crossover
3 seed:  Play, Off, Ref, Play, Play, Off - Crossover
4 seed:  Off, Play, Play, Off, Play, Ref - Crossover

Learn about Jeff & PPVC - click here

Meet the Director of PPVC, Jeff Gonyea, and learn more about Pikes Peak Volleyball Club and why our Mission Statement is "Empowering girls and developing young women through the sport of volleyball." 
Jeff made this video to help you decide if Pikes Peak Volleyball Club is the right choice for your daughter and your family.


In line with our mission statement, PPVC is planning a special season to do just that - empower girls and develop young women.
Sincerely ~Jeff Gonyea, Director


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